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PPF and Ceramic Coating Packages

Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating Packages

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Maintain Your Vehicle’s Perfection Without Avoiding Driving It

Ceramic coating is a somewhat difficult process of applying a layer of… you guessed it… ceramic, to the car. This layer is quite thick. Thicker than any other paint sealant usually (bar a PPF). Which is why it can be hard – if you don’t get it level it causes weird looking patches.

These coatings provide extreme chemical resistance – in the real world, this essentially means bird poop and tree sap won’t damage paint anywhere near as easily. They make water, and to an extent, dirt, not stick to paint. This makes them easier to clean, far easier to dry, and means the car has some “self cleaning” properties (Rain can drag away a significant amount of dirt on a ceramic coated car). They’re also very resistant to UV, preventing paint fade.

PPF is a self-healing urethane cover..paint protection film – also referred to as a clear bra – is a transparent material that adheres to your vehicle’s exterior. This film is composed of a urethane that is tense enough to consistently and involuntarily stretch back to its original smooth surface. That means when minor impacts or scratches occur, the paint protection film absorbs the impact and stretches back to a flat state, usually erasing what was done in the moment. At the very least, it protects and preserves your OEM paint, which can be costly to repaint and match.

We Auto Geeks are certified installers of Paint Protection Film, which boasts some of the most protective self-healing characteristics on the market today. To learn more about this process contact our team today.

Why Should You Consider PPF For Your Vehicle?

Self-Healing Vehicle Exterior Surface Security

Of all the reasons that vehicle owners bring their cars, trucks, and otherwise to our paint protection film installation team here at Chicago Auto Pros, the most common one is peace of mind. With a clear bra, you can drive freely without flinching every single time you hear a rock ricochet against your door or worrying that your finish will be scratched when parking in a busy lot.

Hydrophobic Protection Against Stains and Grime

This is a very similar characteristic between paint protection films and our ceramic coating packages. While the primary reason most purchase a paint protection film is due to its self-healing abrasion resistance, it too has a hydrophobic, glossy surface that enhances paintwork while preventing stains, fading from the sun, and other surface degradation from the environment.


Worry-Free Vehicle Ownership

As we mentioned, most vehicle owners either want their exterior to look flawless for the sake of their pride, or they want a perfect vehicle to know that it will continue to operate properly for many years. Nearly all of the most common concerns that every vehicle owner has will be wiped clean thanks to a paint protection film.

All-Around Low-Maintenance Protection Effort

Your vehicle’s surfaces that can be covered by a clear bra are sure to boast some of the most low-maintenance characteristics imaginable. This is not only by way of less frequent exterior cleaning, but also via its resistance to abrasions that would ultimately need to be buffed and polished from your finish.

Ceramic Coating with PPF, Can it Be Done?

Let’s suppose you have brought your car, truck, SUV, or otherwise to our paint protection film installation team here at Auto Geek, and you are over the moon about the result. Now, you are wondering if you have maxed out your exterior vehicle protection. You have not!

We also install ceramic coatings over the top the film! This may sound redundant, especially since both a ceramic coating and paint protection film can resist stains and paint fading while enhancing your surface gloss. However, having both means you have covered all bases, protecting against both physical and environmental damage.

And just because a paint protection film from our team here at Auto Geek improves your surface gloss itself doesn’t mean that an additional ceramic coating would do no more to make it even MORE lustrous. We recommend you treat the film just like any other painted surface. That means using a durable protectant. Double up on your paint’s shine and depth by using a ceramic coating on your paint protection film.

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