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About Auto Geek

Our company story

Auto Geek started in August 2023. The owners of the business David and Muyiwa worked using their passion for cars to fuel the project. They had experience and qualifications with repairing the body work on cars, valeting and the ceramic coating so they decided to offer their expertise in the real world! Themselves alongside alongside the experienced team have been valeting cars ever since!

Since then Auto Geek has expanded into a highly experienced professional mobile car care company not only specializing in valeting, but also mobile car body repairs and detailing auto repair. 

Celebrating Our Passion for Cars: Learn About Auto Geek

What we value at Auto Geek

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Forgot that you are picking up your partner’s parents from the airport tomorrow and your car is a total mess? Don’t worry – we got this!  If we book you in, we’ll be there.

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We are committed to what we do.  Our team consists of car fanatics with an eye for detail, always providing a high quality valeting service. Leaving a job half done goes against what we believe in! 

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Rain, sun or snow – the day is what you make it. Our team aim to make the most of every day, keeping a positive attitude and focusing on delighting our customers. 

Our company ethos

At Auto Geek, we truly believe that you get out of people what you put in.

Offering friendly and professional customer service

Fully training and insuring all our staff

Providing a high quality valeting service

Arriving on time

Using safe wash technique to avoid damage to vehicles

What Our Clients Say About Auto Geek?

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