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Save Yourself Time With Professional Interior Detailing

While valeting is concerned with removing dirt from the surface of paint, detailing focuses on correcting defects underneath that surface, too. Hence, while valeting is largely just about cleaning, detailing is about both that and carrying out aesthetic repairs, too.

Interior detailing can often consume significant time for the average individual, leading to rushed efforts that overlook detailed areas, leaving them coated in dust, grime, and vulnerable to lasting damage.

Auto Geek’s interior vehicle detailing service offers you the most precious commodity of all your time. Rather than spending hours carefully cleaning your car’s interior with ineffective store-bought sanitizers and air fresheners, entrust the task to our professionals.

Moreover, if your vehicle requires more than just interior detailing, our specialized package vehicle detailing services deliver a remarkable shine both inside and out. Contact one of our interior vehicle detailing professionals today for further information on all our services.

FAQs About Our Interior Detailing Services - Auto Geek

If I have window tinting, can I skip interior UV protection?

We discourage you from ever thinking that one package is enough. While it is true that our XPEL Window Tint Films definitely repel UV rays, keeping your interior cool and protected, having your dashboard and console treated during your interior detailing package is wise to guarantee the sun will not bleach or damage those surfaces.

Does Auto Geek perform deep stain removal?

We can certainly do this, though bear in mind that the price may be impacted depending on the depth of the stains, the size, or if the stains are biohazard related damage. This removal process will bring back your new car smell by ridding carpeted and cloth areas of deep grime that has long grown foul with odor.

Can interior detailing fix damaged interiors?

This depends on what the damage is exactly. Stain removal and some UV fading can be remedied. However, ripped leather and cloth or broken components must be dealt with by our  auto body professionals based on our site in Luton.

Are there any steps I can take to maintain my interior better?

The best advice we at Auto Geek have for the conscientious vehicle owner is to keep up with your  interior vehicle detailing work. We can provide you with an interior detail job and we enjoy building long-term relationships with our customers and their unique vehicles.

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