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Optimal decontamination, valeting and polishing is crucial for leveraging the full advantages of ceramic coatings. Auto Geek’s elite team delivers exceptional installation services, ensuring your vehicle benefits from enduring protection and enhanced performance. 

Choosing Auto Geek for your installation needs ensures your coating remains intact over time, freeing you to enjoy your vehicle with less concern over upkeep.

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Professional Reviews For Ceramic Coating Installation

The exceptional quality and benefits of ceramic coating have made it a sought-after choice among car enthusiasts, and our installation service is regarded as the top option. But for the everyday car owner, the decision to trust Auto Geek might hinge on credible reviews and the reputation we’ve established over time.

Here at Auto Geek we endeavour to provide you with expertise and quality of service which exceeds your expectation. Customers have consistently praised the swift, professional service, meticulous attention to detail, durability and luster of the applied coating.  We have a track record of positive reviews and this feedback assures potential clients of the value and quality that they can expect. 

Ceramic coatings, when applied expertly, can transform a vehicle’s appearance and extend its lifespan. Auto Geek is delivering outstanding ceramic coating services, solidifying its status as the preferred choice. 

Learn More About Ceramic Coatings From Auto Geek

What is the primary difference between a ceramic coating and a PPF?

It is true: Both ceramic coatings and paint protection films that we install provide protection for your vehicle’s paint and exterior surfaces. However, the most notable difference is that our ceramic coatings are mostly designed to lower daily maintenance routines, keep stains at bay, and add gloss. Paint protection films are urethane vehicle wraps that prevent light surface damage and resist defects caused by unpredictable hazards.

Ceramic coatings are low-maintenance, so why do they need to be detailed?

Because ceramic coatings are not completely indestructible against swirls, scratches, paint chips, or abrasive surface damage, keeping them clean when the need arises keeps them looking high quality and staying effective. Likewise, ceramic coatings require professional detailing to maintain their lifetime warranties, as opposed to public car washes, as those drive-thru efforts can and will scratch them or cause marring.

Can I cover my paint protection film in a ceramic coating?

Absolutely! Utilizing both a ceramic coating and a paint protection film to give your Vehicle the ultimate in value, shine, and perfection is an extremely proactive effort. Our paint protection films keep defects from reaching your actual finish, while the ceramic coating on top of them will further enhance the quality of your paintwork.

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