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While valeting is concerned with removing dirt from the surface of paint, detailing focuses on correcting defects underneath that surface, too. Hence, while valeting is largely just about cleaning, detailing is about both that and carrying out aesthetic repairs, too.

If you’ve noticed your vehicle’s finish and exterior glass surfaces losing their luster despite your efforts, we offer a solution with our comprehensive exterior vehicle detailing and enhancement packages.

Whether it’s a basic exterior maintenance, an paint enhancement or complete paint correction due to scratches, we can help.

Another crucial reason to entrust our team with a thorough exterior vehicle detailing service is to preserve the investment you’ve made in paint protection, ceramic coatings, or aesthetic colour change vinyl vehicle wraps. Our team ensure that these exterior efforts remain intact and effective.

Whatever the reason, we are dedicated to restoring your vehicle’s ultimate luster and shine. Feel free to contact us to learn more and schedule your exterior detailing package.

Auto Geek Works With You On Your Vehicle

At Auto Geek, every decision regarding the exterior of your vehicle is made in collaboration with you, ensuring your input and approval every step of the way. From detailing and decontaminating to correcting paintwork, our team works alongside you throughout the process, keeping you informed of our findings and any recommendations for further detailing services.

To uphold our commitment to exceptional customer service and the unparalleled quality of our exterior vehicle detailing, we continually train on new, innovative detailing techniques and invest in state-of-the-art equipment. If you’re seeking a reliable automotive detailing shop, look no further—Auto Geek is prepared to elevate your ride to its fullest potential.

Remember, we offer combination vehicle detailing packages for a comprehensive interior and exterior clean. Explore more about these specific detailing services by clicking here.

Exterior Detailing FAQs - Answered By Auto Geek

Is there a limit to how many times I should detail my vehicle’s exterior?

Not really, though when you have our exterior vehicle detailing team work on your vehicle, the results last for quite some time following the initial service. Thanks to both the level of decontamination we perform and the paint sealant application to follow, you should only need to detail your exterior once a month.

Does a paint sealant keep my vehicle clean after your exterior detailing services?

Yes, though this paint sealant is far more short-term than our glossy ceramic coating packages available via our trained installation team. 

Is there a difference between vehicle detailing and paint correction?

In some ways, yes. Commonly, exterior vehicle detailing pertains to the hand washing, clay-bar decontamination, and dressing processes that thoroughly remove all contaminants from your exterior. Paint correction is a restorative process aimed at removing any light scratches, dings, stains, and more that have permanently impacted your finish.

Should I have exterior detailing done before a ceramic coating or PPF installation?

This is a requirement in many cases! Paint protection packages are long-term investments that can last for nearly a decade in most cases, so anything that gets trapped below it will be locked in time for that period as well. We at Auto Geek often require your vehicle to be detailed prior to the installation of a ceramic coating or PPF, depending on your selected package.

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