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Car Body Repairs

Car Body Repairs

Our team of car body repair experts specializes in restoring damaged paintwork to its original glory. Offering specialized automotive care, we excel in correcting Paintwork Scratches and Bumper Scuff repairs.

In moments when your vehicle requires some tender loving care, the conventional choice might be a visit to a body shop or a professional car detailing service. However, what happens when time constraints or budget considerations stand in your way? Or perhaps you find yourself on the road, and your car suffers a scratch unexpectedly?

hail damage, automobile, car roof
a white car parked on the side of the road

Our mobile bodywork repair service offers a convenient solution for those pressed for time, travelers without access to a nearby car repair facility, or individuals residing in rural locations where body shops are scarce. Auto Geek brings the solution directly to you.

Opt for our array of services, including paintwork scratch repair, bumper scuff restoration. For further information and to receive a personalized quote, simply reach out to us.

+440800 037 6343 Simply request a quote for more details.

Car Body Repairs Explained:

Our team of Car Body specialists is equipped to mend scratches right at your location. With our custom-equipped vans and state-of-the-art tools, we can come directly to you and restore your vehicle to its original condition in just a few hours, eliminating the need for a traditional bodyshop visit. Additionally, we also have a bodyshop for tasks that might need i. Auto Geek stands behind the quality of our work with a lifetime guarantee on all repairs conducted.

Featuring professional paint colour matching – Our service incorporates cutting-edge colour matching technology, allowing us to accurately replicate the hue of almost any paint finish. Our mission is to deliver a swift and economical repair solution to our clients.

Our paintwork repair services are perfectly suited for returning your vehicle in immaculate condition.

Repair Types

We carry out all Car Body Repairs (excluding bonnets and roofs) but we do offer machine polishing and touch-ups on all panels including bonnets and roofs.

hail damage, automobile, car roof

Bumper Scuffs

Scuffs and scratches on the bumper and bumper plastic are expertly removed & restored.
a white car parked on the side of the road

Paintwork Scratches

We offer restoration services for paintwork scratches and scuffs, including repairs on wings, doors, rear quarter panels, tailgates, sills, and A-posts.
Dent in my Car

Machine Polish

Auto Geek provides a paint correction service, also known as machine polishing which helps to eliminate light scratches and swirl marks.
Car glass technician using glue gun to prepare for his windscreen replacement

Touch-up Repairs

We offer paint touch-up services to address road rash and stone chip damage caused by loose chippings and grit from the road surface.
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Steps & Processes

There are 7 steps and processes we follow when undertaking a Car Body Repair. This process is for every job we carry out, big or small. The steps are as follows:

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