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Exterior valets

Exterior Valet Packages

a person washing a blue car with a rag
gray Renault vehicle close-up photography

Two main exterior valets are available. Don’t forget, you may request optional extras as you wish.

*Full Valets will offer you both interior and exterior cleaning services.

a person washing a blue car with a rag

Exterior Safe Wash

Up to 1 hours work. Scratch-free premium wash
  • Included in this package:
  • Exterior Safely Washed
  • Spray On Polish
  • Windows
  • Wheels
  • Plastic
  • Tyres
gray Renault vehicle close-up photography

Exterior Wash & Detail

Up to 3 hours work. Enhance & protect your paintwork
  • Included in this package:
  • Safe Wash*
  • Decontaminate
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Hand Polish
  • Sealant

Mini Valet

From £40

Up to 1 hour 15 minutes

Ideal for tidying up day-to-day dirt.

Included in this package:

Exterior safely washed by rinsing with snow foam followed by the two bucket method to ensure the paint is kept in a good condition.

All door shuts and the boot shut are cleaned & de-greased. 

Windows buffed streak free inside & out

Rubbish removed and interior thoroughly vacuumed

Plastic areas cleaned & degreased including a thorough clean of the dashboard and centre console. 

Tyres slicked back to black

All wheels are cleaning by hand using non-acidic chemicals.

Full Valet

From £70

Up to two and a half hours

For a deeper clean to restore your car to it’s former glory.

Included in this package:

Tar & other contaminants removed from paintwork. Polish is sprayed to enhance & protect paintwork

Fabric areas machine cleaned

Fabric seats are shampooed, leather seats are cleaned & moisturised.

Mats machine cleaned using the extraction method to ensure all dirt is removed. 

All exterior plastic surfaces will be dressed back to black

All mini valet features

Full Valet + Paint Protection

From £100

Up to three and a half hours

Enhance your paintwork & keep it protected from the elements.

Included in this package:

Coat of hand polish carefully applied, with extra attention paid to areas of minor scratching

Coat of high grade carnauba wax applied for up to 6 months protection as well as a showroom finish.

As with our Full Valet but with special attention to the paintwork. Surfaces treated with this treatment will not only have minor scratching and swirls removed, but have better gloss depth.

Enjoy exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants including salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain and industrial fallout

We will use tyre wax to dress your tyres giving a a ‘back to black’ effect. This dressing will help keep your tyres looking great and have a shiny finish for longer.

All mini valet features

All full valet features

Signature Valet

From £130

Up to four and a half hours Our best and most in-depth package. The valet we’re known for – to return your car to showroom condition*

*Results might vary depending on the age of the car and work requires

Included in this package:

This takes paint decontamination to a whole other level. You may think that you have cleaned your car well until you see what a piece of clay looks like when rubbed over the surface! This treatment will completely cleanse the paint from all small decontaminates that are dulling the colour. Perfect for achieving a great finish before applying a coat of polish and wax

Once the paintwork has been clayed, polished and then waxed, we will apply a coat of 12 month sealant. This sealant will hold the finish and make your car very easy to clean. Water will sheet like never before!

Often one of the most neglected areas inside a car, your roof lining collects bacteria and dirt over time and occasionally needs a good clean. We’ll use our machine shampooing process to do so.

We’ll use a steamer and deodoriser to fully sanitise your vehicle and get in hard-to-reach places. 

Extended wash process on wheels 

All mini valet features

All full valet features

All full valet + paint protection features

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